B.S. Gibbs & Brenda S. Gibbs

B.S. Gibbs’ Books

The Peerless Seer

This first book in the Emaleen Andarsan Series, a fantasy series for kids, takes readers on an incredible journey that includes a unique system of magic, a dystopian-like society in which evil lurks because there is no organized force to stop it, and a young girl’s quest to fight the evil that stalks her.




The Peerless Seer’s Gambit

In the action-packed second installment of the Emaleen Andarsan series, join Emaleen once again as she uncovers new and exciting secrets, experiences growth toward her potential as both a seer and a young woman, and discovers just how far the people who love her will go to protect her.





The Peerless Seer’s War

In the action-packed third installment of the Emaleen Andarsan series, join Emaleen as she once again as she uncovers new and exciting secrets, experiences growth toward her potential as a seer, a young woman, and a leader.





Janetta and the Book Thief

Janetta loves to read more than anything else. However, one day, the last chapters of all her books disappeared, ruining them. Worse still, she discovered that the disaster was not limited to just her books. It has happened to fiction novels everywhere. Next to go will be the writing of new books. If the destruction continues, fiction novels will soon become a thing of the past.

All hope is not lost, however. A book fairy invites Janetta to fairyland for a special mission. It’s up to Janetta to solve the mystery and restore the books she loves! Will she succeed or will books be destroyed forever?


Hunted: A Werewolf Mystery

Eleven-year-old Jason Porter has an obsession with werewolves. Worse still, he is convinced that his teenage sister, Bianca, is the werewolf. The evidence — her late-night lifestyle, grumpiness, messiness, and other characteristics — points to no other conclusion. She must be a werewolf.

Unfortunately, no one believes him, including his mother. Jason must gather the evidence while keeping himself and his family safe.

Come along on Jason’s journey as his investigation and bravery inspire mischief and land him in precarious situations!



The Wish Orb

Descended from one of the most famous seers and alchemists in history, Ezabella Nostra must learn and protect the secrets of the Wish Orb. Although she has been training to be a ring bearer since infancy, Ezabella is surprised to learn that the Wish Orb can do so much more than she had been trained for. Worse still, despite her family line having protected the secret for centuries, someone now knows about it and will do anything to obtain possession of it.

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