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In my writing, I want to do more than just tell a story. Although the goal to entertain comes first, I like to include positive messages and concepts that inspire conversations and help to make the world a better place. Hopefully, I achieve that goal in each book, and readers enjoy my books as much as I enjoy creating them.

For me, writing is a passion, a stress reliever, and an opportunity to create. I also hope that I can serve as a role model to my kids to inspire them to find a passion and follow their own dreams. I hope they also see that there are often obstacles along the way that can be overcome with hard work and determination.

B.S. Gibbs/Brenda S. Gibbs

Artwork Credits

Artwork for The Peerless Seer, The Peerless Seer’s Gambit, The Peerless Seer’s War, and Janetta and the Book Thief (cover and illustrations) by:

Anca Gabriela Marginean
B Rose DesignZ

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